Definition of against the law (or rules) in English:

against the law (or rules)


  • Illegal or unlawful.

    ‘cockfighting has been against the law in South Carolina for 120 years’
    ‘it was against the rules to leave the dormitory after midnight’
    • ‘Craig's arrest was second-rate entrapment for something that shouldn't be against the law in the first place.’
    • ‘High Court judge Mr Justice Burton ruled in April this year that IR35 was not against the law.’
    • ‘It's against the law for these children to be locked up.’
    • ‘According to Help the Aged research, more than 80 % of us think age discrimination is already against the law.’
    • ‘It may be against the common practice, not against the law.’
    • ‘Using cruise control in Belgium is against the law.’
    • ‘To have a picture of the Dalai Lama is against the law.’
    • ‘However, ethics aside, to force an employee to pay for a mistake, even one due to carelessness is against the law.’
    • ‘The question now is whether it was against the law.’
    • ‘Unauthorised racing on the road is already against the law.’