Definition of against one's wishes in English:

against one's wishes


  • When one is unwilling or has refused.

    ‘if any photos or information are included here against your wishes, please let me know and they will be removed immediately’
    • ‘Mrs Wilson said her brother will now be cremated, against her wishes.’
    • ‘Women do not necessarily grow to love the man they marry against their wishes.’
    • ‘He was removed from Broadmoor high security psychiatric hospital against his wishes.’
    • ‘Jacqui Smith had clashed with Mr Johnson over the departure of Sir Ian, who was ousted against her wishes.’
    • ‘Gladstone a suffragette prisoner was fed, against her wishes, whilst on hunger strike.’
    • ‘She henceforth found herself in the vehicle against her wishes.’
    • ‘I am not aware of anyone being made redundant against their wishes.’
    • ‘We would not accept the Vatican (or anyone else) reburying our dearest against their wishes.’
    • ‘Strangely enough, I had to leave my close comrades-in-arms behind or send them, against their wishes, to distant places.’
    • ‘Her father, a noble magistrate in Grenoble, sent her, against her wishes, to become a nun.’