Definition of again and again in English:

again and again


  • Repeatedly.

    • ‘The process repeated itself again and again, driving the siblings to the brink of insanity.’
    • ‘That is why technicians warn the public again and again not to open dubious emails.’
    • ‘An accountant is worried that he will miscount money, so he counts it again and again.’
    • ‘There were also tales of people commissioning numerous surveys only to be outbid again and again.’
    • ‘The next few seconds are as frightening as the first, and this pattern is repeated again and again.’
    • ‘I used to tell her again and again not to open the door to people at night.’
    • ‘Few were deceived, but it does not prevent the same trick being used again and again.’
    • ‘Those who have listened to him once are found to be yearning to watch him perform again and again.’
    • ‘Despite endless trips around the island by boat trying to sneak up on the beasts, they ran off again and again.’
    • ‘Sally, the makeup artist, is called again and again to retouch the masterpiece.’
    repeatedly, over and over, over and over again, time and again, time and time again, many times, many a time, on several occasions, often, frequently, recurrently, habitually, continually, persistently, constantly
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