Definition of aftermost in English:



  • [attributive] Nearest the stern of a ship or tail of an aircraft.

    • ‘On sailboats underway, it may be flown from the aftermost peak or leech in place of other ensigns.’
    • ‘However, before replacing either of aftermost pair of bolts, the weight of the keel should be supported, as by blocking and wedging.’
    • ‘It has two masts, square rigged on both with a spanker sail on the aftermost mast.’
    • ‘In ships not having a rudder post or rudder stock, measure to the aftermost part of the stern or transom.’
    • ‘Moreover, deflection of the shaft is caused within the length of the said aftermost bearing.’
    furthest, farthest, furthermost, farthermost, farthest away, furthest away, extreme, very, utmost, outermost, aftermost, endmost, ultimate, final, last, terminal, remotest
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Late 18th century: from after (as an adjective) + -most.