Definition of aftermarket in English:



North American
  • 1The market for spare parts, accessories, and components for motor vehicles.

    as modifier ‘aftermarket security gadgets’
    • ‘Some say the simple solution for an aftermarket company facing an increase in raw material prices would be to raise their pricing to cover the increase.’
    • ‘After my rifle came the company found an aftermarket accessory that adapts the magazine release too.’
    • ‘It was fully loaded with sunroof, fog lights, spoiler and an aftermarket component audio system.’
    • ‘Replacement, aftermarket auto parts and car accessories for older models can now be purchased online as well.’
    • ‘They were able to build upon the aftermarket success in short order.’
    • ‘Every aftermarket motorcycle parts manufacturer is battling with their competitors.’
    • ‘New aftermarket parts have improved over the last five years, according to 44 percent of repair shops.’
    • ‘Total supply chain cost for the unit is said to be equivalent to the price of a quality aftermarket booster seat.’
    • ‘Ask if he is using an aftermarket device such as a laptop near the front passenger seat back.’
    • ‘The company began to build recognition on an international level, ultimately gaining leadership in Europe's brake disc aftermarket.’
    • ‘Clearly the construction industry is an important market for the automobile industry and automotive aftermarket companies.’
    • ‘To save trips to aftermarket accessories stores, there are four packages that can be added to either model.’
    • ‘Due to the design of this van and engine, and its aftermarket rear heater, I had to remove the engine cover to replace the coil.’
    • ‘One company really took it to the next level by introducing spinning rims to the aftermarket world.’
    • ‘Lane had to think long and hard to come up with a unique aftermarket accessory for the 1911 shooter.’
    • ‘But the space between the rails will always remain the same so aftermarket companies can design accessories for the system.’
    • ‘The profile for the niche vehicle supplier of components, assemblies and systems is quite different from the aftermarket supplier.’
    • ‘While the rest of the auto industry has aggressively moved to pull systems, the aftermarket business is still in make-to-stock mode.’
    • ‘For that you need to seek help from one of the many aftermarket tuners catering to the market.’
    • ‘It appears that the first thing to blame is the aftermarket accessory.’
    1. 1.1Stock Market The market for shares and bonds after their original issue.
      • ‘How do I control the aftermarket for my product?’
      • ‘The magnitude of underpricing increased during the first month of aftermarket trading before being eliminated.’
      • ‘First, we found that the average aftermarket volatility of matched seasoned stocks has also increased over time.’
      • ‘Even some of the biggest losers in the aftermarket say they're relieved they got their deals done.’
      • ‘We first cumulated these returns to obtain the cumulative sum unadjusted and market-adjusted returns for the selected aftermarket time horizons.’