Definition of after one's own heart in English:

after one's own heart


  • Sharing one's tastes or views:

    ‘he looked like a man after my own heart’
    • ‘It was that last detail - the piles of books pushed aside to make room to eat - that sent me in search of all of David's writings; I knew that here was a food writer after my own heart, stomach, and mind.’
    • ‘Now there's a man after my own heart, if not my age!’
    • ‘Indeed, he seems to have been a a man after my own heart.’
    • ‘A man after my own heart, he still hand-codes his site for each entry, nesting tables within tables and thumbing his nose at structured data.’
    • ‘Rachael is a girl after my own heart - she chooses to take lunch at the organic Elderberry Pond Farm where the burgers look amazing.’
    • ‘A class full of non-morning people is a class after my own heart, except of course for the times I have to teach them in the morning.’
    • ‘A woman after your own heart, she and her sugar lust need to be indulged.’
    • ‘So it was with great excitement (I don't get out much) then that I found a Web site after my own heart.’
    • ‘A man after my own heart, Kaplan did his elective year in the Seychelles.’
    • ‘Here are people after my own heart, who love the great GKC and who incarnate his odd funky hilarious and sensible spirit better than anybody I know.’
    like-minded, of the same mind, similar to oneself, kindred, compatible, congenial, sharing one's tastes
    to one's liking, of the kind that one likes, attractive to one, desirable, attractive, appealing, pleasing
    on the same wavelength
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