Definition of after one's own heart in English:

after one's own heart


  • Sharing one's tastes or views.

    ‘he looked like a man after my own heart’
    • ‘Here are people after my own heart, who love the great GKC and who incarnate his odd funky hilarious and sensible spirit better than anybody I know.’
    • ‘A woman after your own heart, she and her sugar lust need to be indulged.’
    • ‘It was that last detail - the piles of books pushed aside to make room to eat - that sent me in search of all of David's writings; I knew that here was a food writer after my own heart, stomach, and mind.’
    • ‘Now there's a man after my own heart, if not my age!’
    • ‘Indeed, he seems to have been a a man after my own heart.’
    • ‘A man after my own heart, Kaplan did his elective year in the Seychelles.’
    • ‘Rachael is a girl after my own heart - she chooses to take lunch at the organic Elderberry Pond Farm where the burgers look amazing.’
    • ‘So it was with great excitement (I don't get out much) then that I found a Web site after my own heart.’
    • ‘A class full of non-morning people is a class after my own heart, except of course for the times I have to teach them in the morning.’
    • ‘A man after my own heart, he still hand-codes his site for each entry, nesting tables within tables and thumbing his nose at structured data.’
    like-minded, of the same mind, similar to oneself, kindred, compatible, congenial, sharing one's tastes
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