Definition of Africanist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See Africanism

    • ‘Research activism of this kind was found most visibly in the attacks on diasporic Africanist scholars.’
    • ‘‘Why does nobody care about blacks’ was a recent headline in the self-professed Africanist magazine.’
    • ‘Hearing these expressions the audience is, as it were, invited to read the scene informed by an Africanist perspective.’
    • ‘The authors of this narrative grapple with their white identity as they negotiate new identities that incorporate, sometimes in a romantic fashion, Africanist discourses.’
    • ‘It has received extraordinary attention in the media and has brought contemporary African art to the notice of the non-Africanist museum and gallery goer while at the same time sparking lively discussion among Africanist art scholars.’