Definition of afikoman in English:


(also afikomen)


  • A piece broken off from a matzo during the Seder and put aside to be eaten at the end of the meal. It is traditionally hidden to be searched for by the children present:

    ‘her little grandchildren will search the house looking for the afikoman’
    • ‘But with more than 100 children, Korczak had to find an innovative way to have them search for the "afikoman," the hidden piece of matzo redeemed for a prize by the child who finds it.’
    • ‘Late in the night, after we have each told and been told, given and received the stories of emancipation, we send the children to find the hidden afikoman.’
    • ‘With the afikoman hidden, I returned to the kitchen.’
    • ‘Similar to the Korban Pesach, the Afikoman must be the last thing eaten at the Seder and must be eaten before a certain time.’
    • ‘Three matzos are set out on the Seder table, concealed in the folds of a linen napkin or in a special matzah dekke (also known as an afikoman).’


Mid 19th century: from Hebrew ăp̄īqōmān, probably from Byzantine Greek epikōmion a revel.