Definition of afforce in English:



  • Reinforce (a body of people) with new members:

    ‘research teams were sometimes afforced by temporary staff’
    • ‘The committee shall advise on matters relating to the recognition of distinction, and shall have the power to afforce itself if necessary.’
    • ‘The Standing Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to a further two members, and may be afforced by members of the central administration by invitation as appropriate.’
    • ‘As we noted, there are in addition about 300 institutions outside this country offering courses here by distance learning, sometimes afforced by local teaching.’
    • ‘The Graduate Studies Committee is chaired by the Director of Graduate Studies, and consists of the Co-Ordinator and Chairman of the Board afforced by Group Representatives.’
    • ‘The awards committee has been afforced with new members in order to reflect the changing world.’


Middle English (in the sense ‘to force’): from Old French aforcier, from a- (from Latin ad to, at) + force (from Latin fortis strong).