Definition of affiche in English:



  • A notice or sign for public display, typically intended to be affixed to a wall; a placard, a poster. Frequently in French contexts.


  • 1with object To fix, fasten; to affix; (in modern use) specifically to fix (a poster or placard) to a wall. rare after 15th cent.

  • 2with object To parade, flaunt; to make known, give notice of; to advertise, publicize; to display, show.


Early 17th century. From French affiche, extended use of affiche pin used to fasten clothes from aficher, afficher<br>late Middle English; earliest use found in The Wycliffite Bible (early version). From Anglo-Norman and Middle French aficher, Anglo-Norman and Middle French, French afficher (also, with change of conjugation, Anglo-Norman afichir, Anglo-Norman and Middle French afichier, Middle French affichier) to declare firmly, to be set on something, to fix, fasten, to affix (a thing), to parade, flaunt (something), to display (something), to be seen in public with (another person) from an unattested post-classical Latin form *affigicare from classical Latin af-, variant of ad- + an unattested post-classical Latin form *figicare from fīgere + -icāre, verbal suffix.