Definition of affectedness in English:



mass noun
  • The character or quality of being affected or pretentious.

    ‘her lack of affectedness’
    • ‘They're slight to say the least and ordinary-looking to the point of affectedness.’
    • ‘The formality and scale of her attire, her pose, and her lack of affectedness suggest class and gender and also hyperbole and overstatement.’
    • ‘She had no affectedness anywhere, but was as natural as are all the girls of her generation.’
    • ‘Which is not to say that the Book Fair was a less worthy event: the renovated schoolhouse somehow dispels art world affectedness, and I've always found the setting to be more precious than ironic.’
    • ‘Add in his entertaining surliness and weird affectedness—with his ranch, cop moustache, and drawl, you'd think he grew up in Texas rather than southern California.’
    pretension, pretentiousness, artificiality, insincerity, posturing, posing, pretence, ostentation, grandiosity, snobbery, superciliousness
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