Definition of afakasi in English:



  • A Samoan person with some European ancestry.

    ‘most of the Samoans were daughters of afakasi’
    • ‘The achievements of this afakasi population are highly visible and are routinely 'claimed' by both 'sides' of their family.’
    • ‘The village government schools were for Samoans and were in Samoan; Europeans were excluded, especially half-castes or afakasi, who were classified as European.’
    • ‘Afakasi, like white women within colonial spaces, made visible particular contradictions about colonial boundaries.’
    • ‘Through placing them together on one painting they become entwined and begin to represent a coming together of a new culture of people, namely the afakasi.’
    • ‘They speak about what it means not just to be a Samoan, but to be an Afakasi.’
    • ‘This allowed her to pursue her activities in assisting other young afakasi.’
    • ‘They are everywhere - afakasi [half Samoan, half Palagi].’
    • ‘Many are afakasi (half-caste) part-Europeans engaged in both business and politics.’
    • ‘This is predicated on attitudes of openness toward afakasi.’
    • ‘The afakasi went in a separate group to their cars.’


1930s: Samoan.