Definition of aestivation in English:


(US estivation)


mass noun
  • 1Zoology
    Prolonged torpor or dormancy of an insect, fish, or amphibian during a hot or dry period.

    • ‘During winter months and aestivation periods, mussels will burrow into the substrate until only the apertures are protruding.’
    • ‘By shutting down their intestinal tracts during estivation, they reduce their daily energy expenditure and therefore increase the duration that they can survive dormancy.’
    • ‘The period of aestivation is around eight months, though some experts claim that they can remain underground for more than five years.’
    • ‘A similar pattern is apparent in the vertebrate record, though floodplain aestivation assemblages are known.’
    • ‘Both aestivation and hibernation are found among the members of the family.’
    • ‘By shutting down their intestinal tracts during estivation, these anurans reduce their daily energy expenditure.’
  • 2Botany
    The arrangement of petals and sepals in a flower bud before it opens.

    Compare with vernation
    • ‘Calibrachoa can, however, be distinguished from Petunia based on the higher chromosome number, chromosome morphology, plant branching habit and type of flower bud estivation.’
    • ‘Just as commonly, petal aestivation was observed to be entirely imbricate.’
    • ‘Aestivation of the calyx is cochlear descending, which is a new character within Ingeae.’
    • ‘Prior to the aestivation of the calyx, pairs of stamen primordia are initiated.’