Definition of aesthetically in English:


Pronunciation /iːsˈθɛtɪkli//ɛsˈθɛtɪkli/


  • 1In a way that gives pleasure through beauty.

    ‘the buildings and gardens of the factory have been aesthetically designed and laid out’
    • ‘Beautifully chiseled local stone was used aesthetically in the construction of environmentally friendly buildings.’
    • ‘If a sign is constructed aesthetically, I think it gives character to downtown.’
    • ‘The cigar has been aesthetically fashioned with a soft mouthpiece and a detailed ash-effect tip that glows when in use.’
    • ‘By comparison, the conservatism of "Generation Golf" seems aesthetically motivated.’
    • ‘He explores just how we as an audience interact, aesthetically and cerebrally, with the films we view.’
    • ‘One could discuss the use of cars in the film as emblems of the middle and upper classes being inflected socially as well as aesthetically.’
    • ‘She says the shoot has been done so aesthetically that several Bollywood biggies have complimented her.’
    • ‘A consideration of a filmmaker's poetics should not be aesthetically hamstrung by a flow of cultural associations.’
    • ‘The seating is conceived aesthetically and technically to harmoniously integrate in working environments and residential spaces.’
    • ‘It saw writing not merely as a textual object, to be aesthetically contemplated, but as inseparable from the social relations between writers and readers.’
    1. 1.1 With regard to beauty.
      ‘an aesthetically pleasing landscape’
      ‘his naive use of rhyme makes his poetry sound aesthetically amateurish’
      • ‘The fact is, the media profit from publishing only the most aesthetically appealing images.’
      • ‘Locating this in the middle of the family room however may not be aesthetically acceptable.’
      • ‘This is the least aesthetically beautiful of these five projects, but that's excusable because of its message.’
      • ‘The thread not sewn is tangled in aesthetically pleasing patterns not unlike miniature Pollock drips, then tacked down by a gel medium.’
      • ‘Upon entering the aesthetically appealing living space, one realizes that a lot of thought has been given to the interiors, especially the corners.’
      • ‘Different surface finishes are combined with several colors to give many varied and aesthetically pleasing effects.’
      • ‘From day one, our goal was to develop an aesthetically appealing website that would complement the art within.’
      • ‘These politically inconsequential, but stylish and aesthetically delightful, films were lapped up by the critics.’
      • ‘His remark places the emphasis on assembling a figure that is aesthetically perfect as well as anatomically correct.’
      • ‘It is one of the most didactically complex and aesthetically rich rooms in the exhibition.’