Definition of aeronautical in English:


(also aeronautic)


  • Relating to the science or practice of building or flying aircraft.

    ‘he went on to study aeronautical engineering at the Air Force Academy’
    • ‘The company is involved in developing an aeronautical telecommunications network, a new model of air traffic control.’
    • ‘At the time, his feat was an international sensation and became a landmark of aeronautic progress.’
    • ‘For those of an aeronautical bent, there's a flight analysis available on our website.’
    • ‘Much of the impetus for change had been provided by 1926 legislation establishing the nation's broad aeronautical policy.’
    • ‘The aeronautic giant has fallen behind with its next-generation jumbo jet.’
    • ‘The $2,000 had been for an aeronautical course his son had been pursuing.’
    • ‘Prior to the merger deal, the corporation said it would sell its aeronautical systems unit for $1.5 billion.’
    • ‘An aeronautical version is used to intercept guided missiles.’
    • ‘The important factor was a general decline in the status of aeronautical research.’
    • ‘The system will enable the company to calculate aeronautical charges.’