Definition of aeromedical in English:



  • 1Relating to the use of aircraft for medical purposes such as transporting patients to hospital.

    • ‘He continued to make aeromedical repatriation trips until the time of his death.’
    • ‘The helicopter can be fitted with an aeromedical interior and Telemedicine data link for the air ambulance role.’
    • ‘The Black Hawk is the primary helicopter for air assault, general support and aeromedical evacuation units.’
    • ‘It has been very rewarding to work with them and be able to assist with the aeromedical evacuations of patients.’
    • ‘The cabin is equipped with a forward-folding conventional door, a feature intended to attract the aeromedical transport market.’
    • ‘Their findings improved the overall readiness of the mobile aeromedical staging facility.’
    • ‘These air mobility forces consist of strategic and theater airlift, air refueling, operational support airlift, and aeromedical evacuation.’
    • ‘The primary aircraft used for the aeromedical evacuation mission are the C - 141 Starlifter and C - 130 Hercules.’
    • ‘The level of care received varies from basic first aid to sophisticated intensive care in aeromedical evacuation aircraft.’
    • ‘The C - 130s also help out with aeromedical evacuation of wounded and injured coalition soldiers.’
    • ‘Through the aeromedical division certification process, the FAA will do everything it can to help you prove that you're capable of flying safely.’
    • ‘Army pilots refined techniques of aeromedical evacuation and developed new skills in all-weather and night flying.’
    • ‘This is a state-of-the-art small, portable, expeditionary aeromedical rapid response team.’
    • ‘The team provides a broad scope of care and has intrinsic communication capability for aeromedical coordination, consultation, or resupply.’
    • ‘He said the contributions from the aeromedical evacuation community have been nothing short of history-making.’
    • ‘Despite the crash setback, aeromedical transportation continued to progress.’
    • ‘I include aeromedical evacuation as part of this system.’
    • ‘His experience with the Air Force gave him skills in aeromedical evacuation.’
    • ‘Keystone occupies a specific niche in the aeromedical transport world.’
    • ‘‘I thought for sure he'd never walk again,’ said his father, a retired Air Force aeromedical evacuation technician.’
  • 2Relating to medical issues associated with air travel.

    • ‘The four-week course taught aeromedical physiology, aircraft-loading procedures, and survival skills.’