Definition of aerodynamic in English:



  • 1Relating to aerodynamics.

    ‘aerodynamic forces’
    • ‘Its smooth aerodynamic design was perfect for the way I liked to ride.’
    • ‘It is very smooth and aerodynamic, and thus maintains pattern density at longer ranges.’
    • ‘Downforce is the combination of aerodynamic and centrifugal forces.’
    • ‘This is very different to most aerodynamic designs, which start with the vehicle and then determine the airflow.’
    • ‘The aerodynamic set-up of the car forces the windscreen practically to clear itself.’
    • ‘I tried to lessen the impact by being streamlined and aerodynamic.’
    • ‘How I thought that mere glue would hold under the heat and aerodynamic force, I don't know.’
    • ‘In flight, interactions between aerodynamic forces and a flexing airframe induce vibrations.’
    • ‘Again, anticipate the aerodynamic force so you may instantly respond with the right rudder.’
    • ‘Some of these suits are reminiscent of the sleek, aerodynamic suits worn by speed skaters.’
    • ‘Integrating the effects of either the pressure or the velocity determines the aerodynamic force on an object.’
    • ‘In aerodynamics he introduced formulas for aerodynamic force and for the distribution of pressure.’
    • ‘While the wings flap, the inertial force due to the weight of the wings and the aerodynamic lift force both vary.’
    • ‘The centrifugal force of the roll causes the fins to unfold for aerodynamic stability in flight.’
    • ‘When a propeller produces thrust, aerodynamic and mechanical forces are present that cause the blade to vibrate.’
    • ‘The primary means by which a fly wing creates aerodynamic force is dynamic stall.’
    • ‘Such modulation in steering muscle activity presumably causes alterations in wing motion and aerodynamic forces.’
    • ‘Lack of aerodynamic friction permits rapid rotation of thin sheets.’
    • ‘It was sleek and aerodynamic, shone in his room like a light bulb.’
    • ‘The backward tilt of the stroke plane elevates flight force during the upstroke by increasing the aerodynamic angle of attack.’
    sleek, streamlined, trim, smooth, clean, uncluttered, unfussy
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    1. 1.1 Of or having a shape which reduces the drag from air moving past.
      ‘the plane has a more aerodynamic shape’
      • ‘The shape of the side windows is slightly different, but that obviously does not affect the aerodynamic shape.’
      • ‘The bicycles are designed to reduce aerodynamic drag caused by the machine itself and the rider's racing position.’
      • ‘Engineers say the front-engine layout went against the grain of the ultimate aerodynamic shape, the teardrop design.’
      • ‘The wing has much more aerodynamic lift than drag, and the structure weighs less than conventional jets.’
      • ‘Another goal is to reduce aerodynamic sleekness, resulting in slower cars.’
      • ‘They've actually improved on the drag coefficient to make it more aerodynamic and faster on its feet.’
      • ‘Hang gliders are aerodynamic in shape, which is what makes them glide.’
      • ‘When driving at high speeds, make sure that your windows are closed to avoid aerodynamic drag.’
      • ‘Finally, unfold the wings and winglets to create the right aerodynamic shape.’
      • ‘Watch leads are good for short range work, but at long range go for a more aerodynamic shape.’
      • ‘The slimmer shape and aerodynamic design also lessens wind noise and reduces fuel consumption.’
      • ‘The rider gets into an aerodynamic tuck, as the mountain scenery streaks past in a blur.’
      • ‘Good soundproofing and the aerodynamic design reduce the in-cab noise.’
      • ‘Side view of test truck shows aerodynamic improvements made to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.’
      • ‘Many hybrids use aerodynamic design to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.’
      • ‘It eventually sinks into a bulked-up boot-and-bumper combo, giving the car an aerodynamic wedge shape.’
      • ‘When flying in the atmosphere, the aerodynamic shape allowed him to maneuver better than most atmospheric craft.’
      • ‘The good aerodynamic design of the A6 and its smooth shape means a noticeable absence of wind noise.’
      • ‘I would imagine that it only works well uphill, since it cannot know the wind speed and the rider's aerodynamic drag.’
      • ‘Athletes try to reach the finish line first in aerodynamic three-wheel rides custom formed to fit the shape of their riders.’