Definition of aero in English:



  • 1attributive Aeronautical.

    ‘an aero club’
    • ‘These men formed the backbone of the early aero squadrons and enabled army aviation to expand.’
    • ‘That in itself keeps the number of aero pilots rather small.’
    • ‘Wetting his lips, he engaged the engine, launched the wing and wire aero machine and was quickly airborne!’
    • ‘This man receives our highest recommendation as a professional aero tow pilot.’
    • ‘It had been removed from the aircraft and mounted on a stand inside the aero laboratory.’
    • ‘The aero squadron consisted of tour sections: headquarters, engineering, supply, and flying.’
  • 2attributive Aerodynamic.

    ‘we softened the lines for a more aero look’
    • ‘‘With the new aero package,’ he says, ‘we needed a new tire to tighten up the cars.’’
    • ‘Because of the wacky aero rules, drivers are relying more on their pit crews to get the cars out quickly and up front.’
    • ‘However, one of the issues of high-efficiency vehicles - as in a gas-electric hybrid - is aero drag.’
    • ‘Unlike typical vehicles in that segment, the look is aero and uncluttered, sporty, not beefy.’
    • ‘He has added four different springs and two different sway bars to help adjust to the new aero package and nose.’


Early 20th century (in aero (sense 1)): abbreviation.