Definition of aerial ping-pong in English:

aerial ping-pong


mass nouninformal
  • 1(in ball games) play involving frequent exchanges of long and high kicks.

    ‘suddenly the aerial ping-pong turned into a volley of tries’
    • ‘Conditions were becoming thoroughly unpleasant and the second half began with an unattractive bout of aerial ping-pong, interspersed with handling errors.’
    • ‘The result was that we were treated, if that is the word, to a form of aerial ping-pong, and not very well-directed kicking at that.’
    • ‘Why they abandoned their running game to engage in aerial ping-pong with England almost beggared belief and could have cost them the match.’
    • ‘The game began with aerial ping-pong, Simon Binns the winner finding touch close in where a crooked throw gave Otley a scrum.’
    1. 1.1Australian Australian Rules football.
      ‘I still prefer rugby to aerial ping-pong’
      • ‘To the AFL, if you're reading, Crikey's now mature enough to be at the biggest sporting event of 2003, but have we got the necessary 'street-cred' to cover your single nation aerial ping-pong in 2004?’
      • ‘He postulates that regional identity extended to the need for a sport that was not attached to Australia, that being 'aerial ping-pong'.’
      • ‘I went down to Victoria and started playing that 'aerial ping-pong'.’
      • ‘The match spawned a story which made headline news throughout the country, even in areas were Australian football was contemptuously referred to as 'aerial ping pong'.’
      • ‘In Sydney or nearby, Australian rules football will be sometimes disparagingly referred to as "aerial ping-pong".’
      • ‘She came from Sydney to Melbourne thirty years ago, knowing a lot more about her first love, softball, than the hard ball gets and all the other jargon of Australian football-or aerial ping-pong, which is what she thought it was called.’
      • ‘We call this game aerial ping-pong.’
      • ‘A brand of football affectionately known as "aerial ping pong" is one of the unique sporting events that crowd the annual calendar Down Under.’
      • ‘He will think you are talking about “Aussie rules football,” what we northerners sometimes derogatorily call “aerial ping-pong”.’
      • ‘As a result of the commitment of Jim and his brothers to Rules, eventually the Rugby League club disappeared and aerial ping-pong, as the non-believers still refer to it, prospered.’