Definition of aerenchyma in English:



mass nounBotany
  • A soft plant tissue containing air spaces, found especially in many aquatic plants.

    • ‘Oxygen transport from above-ground parts to roots of wetland plants is facilitated by aerenchyma.’
    • ‘Programmed cell death also takes place in the cortex of adventitious roots to form aerenchyma.’
    • ‘In waterlogged soils, plants strongly influence soil oxygen availability by transporting oxygen through aerenchyma to soils.’
    • ‘Fusoid cells are characteristically found only in bamboos, and have been considered as aerenchyma tissues.’
    • ‘There are large intercellular spaces between the irregular cells, and the parenchyma looks like aerenchyma.’


Late 19th century: from Greek aēr ‘air’ + enkhuma ‘infusion’.