Definition of Adyghe in English:


(also Adygei)


  • 1A member of a mainly Sunni Muslim people of the north-western Caucasus, especially Adygea.

    Also called Circassian
    • ‘The Adygei team is exceptional because it has a trained exegetical checker who lives locally.’
    • ‘As it turned out, the Adygei president used that day to prepare a counteroffensive against Moscow.’
    • ‘The East Slavonic and Adygei populations revealed a high similarity with European Caucasoids.’
    • ‘In 1864 the Cherkess and Adygei finally came under Russian rule.’
    • ‘The ancestors of Adyghe people founded the so called Maykop Culture, well-known in the world archeology.’
  • 2mass noun The North Caucasian language of the Adyghe, with about 100,000 speakers in the Caucasus and 100,000 elsewhere.

    • ‘Smaller numbers speak Adyghe, Romanian, Romani, and Balakan Gagauz Turkish.’
    • ‘Psta is a loan from Adyghe, and ndgha is more often pronounced nædgha.’
    • ‘The translation service is your reliable partner for all your Adyghe translation needs.’
    • ‘A large influx of Adyghe words was noted.’
    • ‘The number of languages listed for Jordan is eight, including Adyghe, Armenian, Chechen, Arabic, and four Arabic dialects.’


  • Relating to the Adyghe or their language.

    • ‘As an important element of the Adyghe culture the harmonica interacts with other components of culture.’
    • ‘Since the decrees were issued, the Adygei government must finally have Moscow's full support.’
    • ‘Horse-breeding has been the Adyghe peoples's national pride since immemorial times.’