Definition of advisement in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • 1Careful consideration.

    • ‘We are constantly seeking ways to create a full developmental program, beginning with assessment and advisement.’
    • ‘Then the FDA will take that into advisement and make a decision sometimes in the near future.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, meaness filtered out, the input is taken into advisement.’
    1. 1.1 Advice or counsel.
      • ‘That same enthusiasm and respect is what prompted two of his current students to seek his advisement.’
      • ‘Implications to student advisement are also discussed.’
      • ‘He is active in student advisement with 75-100 advisees.’
      • ‘As a word of advisement to travellers: in Wawa, refrain from riding the Big Goose.’
      • ‘Students need ‘culturally sensitive advisement and TLC,’ he says.’


  • take something under advisement

    • Reserve judgement while considering something.

      • ‘We took this under advisement, and then went anyway.’
      • ‘Otherwise, they can just use the boards to deflect criticism and take their suggestions under perpetual advisement.’
      • ‘He takes under advisement the opinions of legal scholars.’
      • ‘Take their comments under serious advisement.’
      • ‘She simply recommended that this case be taken under advisement.’
      defer, postpone, put off, delay, withhold
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Middle English: from Old French avisement, from aviser ‘look at’ (see advise).