Definition of advice in English:



  • 1mass noun Guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.

    ‘my advice is to see your doctor’
    ‘on their solicitors' advice, the trustees have accepted £577,000 by way of compensation’
    ‘he took my advice and put his house up for sale’
    • ‘We would like to offer some advice on how to ensure they do not become victims.’
    • ‘This handbook offers advice on blogging anonymously and getting round censorship.’
    • ‘Can you offer any advice on how to plan what to grow, how to set out and maintain the patch, what tools to get, etc?’
    • ‘Police today offered advice on how van owners can make themselves less vulnerable to the gang.’
    • ‘Even when he was offering me advice on my personal life, he had me in stitches.’
    • ‘Fruit nurseries are always happy to offer advice on how to grow specific plants, so do ask when you buy.’
    • ‘Every week, it seems, women are offered ever more expert advice on how to manipulate their men.’
    • ‘The salon also offers hairdressers advice on how to run their businesses better.’
    • ‘They were giving it out to customers as well as offering advice on the benefits of tap water over bottled water.’
    • ‘We offer advice on the procedures to get court orders to remove illegal encampments.’
    • ‘It tells us to stop buying rounds but offers little practical advice on how to dodge them.’
    • ‘The trust can back this up with workplace visits offering advice on giving up.’
    • ‘Importantly, the site also offers advice on what to do should your debt have run out of control.’
    • ‘Spotting classic mistakes is not easy, but there is some good advice on offer.’
    • ‘There are too many powerful men who truly believe that the Waltons offer dandy advice on life and morals.’
    • ‘The messages offer encouragement and advice on how to choose the best career.’
    • ‘Several lawyers have offered free advice on the issue and he said he would ask one of them what he should do.’
    • ‘Everyone arrested is offered drug treatment and advice on benefits and housing.’
    • ‘They will then offer advice on how the groups can extend their services to a wider range of people.’
    • ‘The guidance gives no advice on how the question of incapacity is to be determined.’
    guidance, advising, counselling, counsel, help, direction, instruction, information, enlightenment
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  • 2A formal notice of a financial transaction.

    ‘remittance advices’
    • ‘This electronic payment solution provides electronic versions of paper checks and remittance advices.’
    • ‘When you're dealing with laws, there'll be a duplication of advices that are being received.’
    • ‘Providers will see an increase in their payments and on their remit advices.’
    • ‘This strategy should include providing members with fortnightly pay advices.’
    • ‘Suppliers of medical services also have immediate access to their remittance advices which results in a paperless environment.’
    • ‘Then underneath, ‘Counsel's costs’, there are two advices: one at £900, one at £825.’
    • ‘We quote below a message which will represent your first advices in connection with this incident.’
    • ‘Is it a stack of old draft reports and legal advices?’
    • ‘He said the excess water deduction on members' salary advices was recently amended.’
    • ‘In relation to counsel's fees, there were a number of advices that have not been set out in the schedule.’
    • ‘An offsider is hauling together the thousands of different legal advices and papers published on the web.’
    • ‘A full and conclusive inquiry was conducted by the Attorney-General including advices of independent Queen's Counsels.’
    • ‘Cheques and remittance advices were raised mostly in alphabetical order, as per the purchase ledger.’
  • 3archaic mass noun Information; news.

    ‘the want of fresh advices from Europe’
    • ‘Latest advices from abroad give assurances of her safety.’
    • ‘Last evening a gentleman arrived here from Providence, by whom we are favour'd with the following, fresh advices from the northern army.’
    • ‘A few days before the arrival of the news of peace, he received private advices from the Continent which led him to anticipate it.’
    • ‘The next advices from the continent may change the face of affairs.’
    • ‘From this deplorable apathy Cortes was roused by fresh advices urging his presence in Mexico.’
    news, information, word, intelligence, intimation
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  • take advice

    • Obtain information and guidance, typically from an expert.

      ‘he should take advice from his accountant’
      • ‘As a party we are here to serve people, to give advice and assistance and to take advice as well.’
      • ‘Then I take advice from experts and they confuse me even further.’
      • ‘If you are seriously taking advice from him then you shouldn't vote at all.’
      • ‘Who is Bush supposed to take advice from on energy policy?’
      • ‘The two critical ingredients to the balance between giving advice and taking advice are talent and respect.’


Middle English: from Old French avis, based on Latin ad ‘to’ + visum, past participle of videre ‘to see’. The original sense was ‘way of looking at something, judgement’, hence later ‘an opinion given’.