• 1A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy:

    ‘advertisements for alcoholic drinks’
    • ‘They have produced advertisements for beers, cosmetics, stores and movies.’
    • ‘City pages of newspapers are filled with high visibility advertisements for new products.’
    • ‘The advertisements for promoting television sets also help in achieving a boost in overall sales.’
    • ‘It has produced non-commercial public service advertisements, including ones for the 1999 election.’
    • ‘And nowhere is this science more exciting than in the advertisements for personal care products.’
    • ‘Our public service advertisements continue to appear in national magazines.’
    • ‘All advertisements for cosmetic surgery should also carry clear health warnings, she added.’
    • ‘In recent weeks, the Daily Bugle has printed more than a dozen large advertisements for cigarettes.’
    • ‘As a result, cigarette makers do not need to design different packages and advertisements for each state.’
    • ‘Most advertisements for baby products suggest that what's good for baby is also pretty good for mum.’
    • ‘He would frequently answer advertisements for rental vacancies, but no landlord would offer his family a spot.’
    • ‘But advertisements for massage services will continue to appear in the paper.’
    • ‘Students created advertisements for their products, and they also learned how to make change.’
    • ‘Brightly-coloured neon signs are mostly used as rooftop advertisements for hotels or other commercial institutions.’
    • ‘And scores of promos through print and television advertisements announce the arrival of new films.’
    • ‘It features advertisements for equipment sales, as well as bands searching for musicians and various other items.’
    • ‘The sports star will do TV advertisements for the candidate.’
    • ‘Littered throughout today's newspapers there are job advertisements for positions in the public service.’
    • ‘That is why so many advertisements for products consist of nothing more than the name of the product and perhaps a smiling face.’
    • ‘Over the years, I've noticed various advertisements for customised designer beds.’
    notice, announcement, bulletin
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    1. 1.1advertisement forinformal A person or thing regarded as a means of recommending something:
      ‘unhappy clients are not a good advertisement for the firm’
      • ‘A while back, I wrote an article that was basically one big advertisement for how incredibly datable I am.’
      • ‘He's no advertisement for a healthy look, is he?’
      • ‘After all, torture victims are the best possible advertisement for terrorist recruitment.’
      • ‘It could become a much more attractive advertisement for paleontology and for the Society.’
      • ‘Unhappy at work and in love, our heroine has been the worst imaginable advertisement for women's independence.’
      • ‘February is the month when there is no vegetation to cover this awful advertisement for the town.’
      • ‘He is tennis's most high-profile advertisement for the benefits of an alternative education.’
      • ‘The walk on Sunday was a huge success story and was a very good advertisement for the Walkway.’
      • ‘It comes down to a system that is no advertisement for American technology.’
      • ‘The International Rules was the most frightful advertisement for sport that one could ever want to see.’
      • ‘The organisation is looking for more volunteers and there could be no better advertisement for the group than Julie.’
      • ‘The first semi-final however was an absolute humdinger, a marvellous advertisement for the sport.’
      • ‘The film is no bad advertisement for the company, either.’
      • ‘It was the government's best possible advertisement for a new stadium.’
      • ‘All in all it makes a poor advertisement for the firm.’
      • ‘The president's testimony is a long, tedious advertisement for his company.’
      • ‘Then again, this article was basically one long deranged advertisement for his shows.’
      • ‘The current edition is a dull, impersonal and ill - judged advertisement for what we trust is the excitement to come.’
      • ‘He was no advertisement for the underdog in his playing days.’
      • ‘It would be the most richly observed advertisement for the values of freedom we can imagine.’
      favourable mention, piece of publicity, favourable review, promotion, recommendation, commendation, mention, good word, commercial
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Late Middle English (denoting a statement calling attention to something): from Old French advertissement, from the verb advertir (see advertise).