Definition of adversely in English:



  • In a way that prevents success or development; harmfully or unfavourably.

    ‘his self-confidence was adversely affected for years to come’
    • ‘Excessive military spending is a major factor adversely affecting the healthy progress of both societies.’
    • ‘Nutrient concentrations slightly lower than shown indicate a marginal condition, which may adversely affect plant growth.’
    • ‘The government's role is to get rid of the variables adversely affecting the economy.’
    • ‘Drawing water for irrigation also became adversely affected, causing a noticeable decline in produce grown.’
    • ‘This would adversely affect the election and bring the results into disrepute.’
    • ‘Many singers find that milk causes mucus, which in turn affects the voice adversely.’
    • ‘If the retirement age goes up, companies will have to downsize recruitment, adversely affecting young job seekers in their 20s and 30s.’
    • ‘Higher gasoline costs have not kept enough people away from theme parks to adversely affect sales.’
    • ‘There is an emerging tendency toward unethical practices that adversely affect scholars from developing countries.’
    • ‘The high or even moderate levels of violence in these videos could potentially adversely affect at least some young viewers.’