Definition of adverb in English:



  • A word or phrase that modifies the meaning of an adjective, verb, or other adverb, expressing manner, place, time, or degree (e.g. gently, here, now, very). Some adverbs, for example sentence adverbs, can also be used to modify whole sentences.

    • ‘At their best, adverbs spice up a verb or adjective.’
    • ‘The real challenges always came with the sophisticated adjectives, the adverbs, and the intransitive verbs.’
    • ‘I have been over those 406 words and carefully identified the adjectives and adverbs.’
    • ‘For instance, in regular English you would use the word ‘really’ as an adverb to emphasize an adjective describing someone.’
    • ‘Grammatically, adverbs can modify various elements and take different positions within a sentence.’


Late Middle English: from Latin adverbium, from ad- to (expressing addition) + verbum word, verb.