Definition of adventurously in English:



  • See adventurous

    • ‘I wanted to check that if we were going to push forward fairly adventurously with an interesting programme for the future that the company were up for it.’
    • ‘We offer opportunities to play safely but adventurously, and take part in activities that include rural and seasonal crafts, games, story walks and informal learning in an environmentally friendly setting.’
    • ‘Many of them, more adventurously, are going out into the field where they'll face the intense cold and the relentless winds that make Antarctica a tough place to do science.’
    • ‘Although I'm all in favour of living as adventurously as possible, some fantasies don't combine so well with reality.’
    • ‘Hence there's no shortage of scientists and economists who now adventurously proclaim we are on the verge of a new creation.’