Definition of advective in English:



  • See advection

    • ‘During summer, vertical advective processes appear to be limited to the upper 200 m, where upwelling in the open water leads to a doming structure.’
    • ‘When dissolved solids are carried along with the flowing groundwater, the process is called advective transport or convection.’
    • ‘Despite the thickness of this relatively stagnant water mass of more than 1000 m, the water age (time since last contact with the atmosphere) is only slightly more than a decade, indicating large-scale advective exchange.’
    • ‘Running a cloud-resolving model requires putting in essentially the same set of boundary conditions - horizontal advective fluxes and radiative fluxes at the top and bottom of the atmosphere - that one needs for a single-column model.’
    • ‘The advective field for the particles, which are released at intermediate and deep layers off the Somali shelf, is determined by a regional version of the Miami isopycnic coordinate model.’