Definition of advance guard in English:

advance guard

(also advanced guard)


  • A body of soldiers preceding and making preparations for the main body of an army.

    • ‘Lannes led the advance guard into Italy in 1800 and distinguished himself in the campaign.’
    • ‘By early March their advanced guard had crossed the Alps, and an Othonian expedition to southern Gaul achieved little.’
    • ‘Convoy soldiers should be assigned specific responsibilities, such as breech team, security team, security or advance guard, convoy commander, air guard, main body, and rear security.’
    • ‘Now, three weeks after war had been declared, he found himself riding, on a warm summer evening, in an advance guard towards thousands of enemy soldiers.’
    • ‘The greater independence of action by military units as part of the advance guard gave the main forces greater freedom of action, enabling them to conduct maneuver to strike enemy flanks and combat service areas.’
    • ‘It was feared the enemy would continue resistance in Norway and, in such event, we were to be the advance guard of major operations.’
    • ‘The group was the advance guard for up to 2,000 French troops being sent to create ‘favourable conditions’ for humanitarian relief.’
    • ‘The advance guard is usually comprised of a motorized rifle battalion reinforced with a tank company, an artillery battalion, an engineer platoon, and a flame-thrower platoon.’
    • ‘The Army also tends to describe unit intervals in terms of distance; for example, the forward security element is 12 to 15 km in front of the advance guard.’
    • ‘Seizing the opportunity to defeat an isolated corps of the Rusian general Korsakov, Massena sent an advance guard under Gazan across the Limmat river at dawn on September 25th, 1799.’
    • ‘Then we moved on up through Belgium and on to Antwerp, where our role was to provide anti-aircraft support to the advance guards.’
    • ‘An additional consideration was that the ECOMIL force would be the advance guard of an eventual 15,000-strong UN force.’
    • ‘Custer's regiment of 665 men formed the advance guard of a force under General Alfred Terry.’
    • ‘But the advance guard could pull out if fighting erupts anew.’
    • ‘Heading the English advance guard, he arrived at the siege of Acre, deputized for Patriarch Heraclius, but died soon after.’
    • ‘On October 14th, the two armies met at Jena, with Lannes' corps as the advance guard.’
    • ‘This small force consisted of a troop of dragoons in front, an advance guard of light infantry, a few artillery batteries, and several infantry regiments in the rear.’
    • ‘Although doctrine breaks a convoy into an advance guard, close-in protective group, and rear guard, the organization within these groups is based on available assets.’
    • ‘Maintain contact with the lead company of the advance guard battalion while displacing, and report its activity.’
    • ‘Not unlike the way the military would use an advance guard to reconnoiter forward positions; to search and report markers for following mission forces.’
    forefront, van, avant-garde, spearhead, front, front line, front rank, fore, lead, leading position, cutting edge, driving force
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advance guard