Definition of adust in English:



  • 1Scorched; burnt.

    dry, as dry as a bone, bone dry, dried up, dried out, arid, waterless, desiccated, dehydrated, sun-baked, baked, burned, scorched, seared, withered, shrivelled
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  • 2Gloomy; melancholic.

    • ‘The last two, he says, are particularly dangerous because they cause the humors to turn inward and become adust.’
    • ‘His intemperate anger, as a hot passion, heats the choler in his system which ‘becommeth blacke […] dries up and burnes ’, fostering the creation of adust melancholy.’
    despondent, downcast, downhearted, dejected, disconsolate, dispirited, crestfallen, cast down, depressed, disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, demoralized, desolate, heavy-hearted, in low spirits, low-spirited, sad, unhappy, glum, full of gloom, doleful, melancholy, miserable, woebegone, mournful, sorrowful, forlorn, long-faced, fed up, in the doldrums, subdued, wretched, lugubrious, eeyorish, morose, sepulchral, saturnine, dour, mirthless, woeful
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Late Middle English: from French aduste or Latin adustus ‘burnt’, from adurere, from ad ‘to’ (as an intensifier) + urere ‘to burn’.