Definition of adumbrative in English:



  • See adumbrate

    • ‘The adumbrative quality of the work's first third is mauled and mangled by the third.’
    • ‘For him language is musical, felicitous, comical, flippant, suggestive, buoyant weaponry and adumbrative of mysteries beyond us.’
    • ‘This duet is adumbrative of ‘Trane's last album, Interstellar Space, which comprises duets between ‘Trane and drummer Rashied Ali.’
    • ‘Pasolini clearly did not intend Salò as a late work, much as Mozart did not design his requiem as adumbrative lament.’
    • ‘And in fact there was an adumbrative whisper of Warholian values to come in a letter Demuth wrote to Alfred Stieglitz in 1927.’