Definition of adulteration in English:



  • See adulterate

    • ‘To give one example of where I can agree I should point out that before laws and regulations were introduced to prevent it food adulteration was a real problem in this and other industrialised countries.’
    • ‘The technique, which can detect adulteration and locational variation of active constituents of plant materials, has been patented in the U.S. and the European Union.’
    • ‘One of the brands states boldly that it is the safest thing that one will drink on the day and goes on to say that they test for ‘not four, but 45’ types of possible adulterations.’
    • ‘But standard monitoring devices that measure the proper levels of those additives probably would quickly alert the plant to such adulteration.’
    • ‘The public perception is that it is wrong and that they do not agree with adulteration of the water supply to address a relatively small problem.’