Definition of adroitness in English:



mass noun
  • Cleverness or skill.

    ‘he lacks political adroitness’
    • ‘Clarendon admired his dexterity and adroitness.’
    • ‘Few bands, if any at all, can challenge their adroitness on stage as they are simply magical.’
    • ‘They focused on three different social skills: social anxiety, social adroitness, and self-monitoring.’
    • ‘Mental ability tests do not measure personality, social adroitness, leadership, charisma, cool-headedness, altruism, or many other things that we value.’
    • ‘The adroitness and patience of a long line of monarchs and royal ministers, who moved gradually but steadily to centralize both authority and power in their own hands, were crowned with unimaginable success.’
    skill, skilfulness, prowess, expertise, expertness, adeptness, handiness, nimbleness, dexterity, dexterousness, deftness
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