Definition of adroitly in English:



  • In a clever or skilful way.

    ‘he managed the evacuation adroitly’
    • ‘He drew the landscape rather adroitly, I thought.’
    • ‘The dynamics of the heist are handled adroitly.’
    • ‘The structural subtlety of the concerto, with its conjoined movements, was adroitly handled by both orchestra and soloist.’
    • ‘Moving adroitly from acoustic to electric guitars, he was the high point of the show for me.’
    • ‘Once surrender became unavoidable, the emperor adroitly metamorphosed into a symbol of cooperation.’
    • ‘How adroitly they made those words sparkle and come across—even more so with the decision to include the full text in surtitles.’
    • ‘He led the church adroitly through a most difficult period.’
    • ‘During conflicts, persistent, well-organized minorities can adroitly handle and dominate their opponents.’
    • ‘Sometimes the women danced synchronously, matching movements very adroitly, while other times they moved in different patterns.’
    • ‘At his best, he can deliver fiction as adroitly as any writer around.’