Definition of adorkable in English:



  • Unfashionable or socially awkward in a way regarded as appealing or cute.

    ‘he is so adorkable I could just hug him to death’
    ‘the most adorkable actress on the big screen’
    ‘your adorkable qualities are part of your charm’
    • ‘First love's first blush is so amazingly adorkable in this movie.’
    • ‘It's no surprise she had fun this Halloween in a costume I can only refer to as "adorkable".’
    • ‘That is a v. v. strange film, but both boys are beyond adorkable in it.’
    • ‘It's hard not to wince when she slips into 'adorkable' mode.’
    • ‘I'll settle for adorkable if I can get it.’
    • ‘He's way too awkward but not in a cute adorable way.’
    • ‘They're absolutely ADORKABLE!’
    • ‘It took no more than 24 hours for them to pinpoint what song the adorkable Bradley and Colin were listening to in this short clip.’
    • ‘Johnson, for one, sees a long and adorkable road ahead for the roommates-turned-lovers.’
    • ‘Prepare to see what she looked like as an adorkable and clumsy 5-year-old.’


Early 21st century: blend of adorable and dork.