Definition of adorably in English:



  • See adorable

    • ‘Now, those of you unfamiliar with the world of poultry would benefit here from knowing that a ‘gosling’ is a young goose and it arrives into the world as an adorably fluffy yellow object.’
    • ‘No matter how adorably girlie I think she is, there are going to be people who think she's a boy.’
    • ‘Inspired by the latest episode of Girls Gone Wild, he travels to Wisconsin with his adorably awkward manservant, Soren.’
    • ‘World domination is clearly within reach for this adorably atonal Tokyo twosome, superstars in Asia since the late '90s who now have a show on the Cartoon Network in the States.’
    • ‘We are supposed to think that they're adorably life-affirming, unreconstructed old scamps, but I have never seen a more charmless and conceited bunch.’
    • ‘It's no longer got that adorably cute shape and cheeky appearance.’