Definition of Adonai in English:



  • A Hebrew name for God.

    • ‘In the daily priestly blessing, the Tetragrammaton was vocalized with the vowel points associated with the name Adonai.’
    • ‘In the New Testament, Jesus allows himself to be called ‘Lord’, which is our translation of Adonai, the substitute word for YHWH.’
    • ‘Still, at other times, like now, I don't feel hypocritical at all talking to Adonai - Elohim and Jehovah.’
    • ‘But, on the other hand, it is the translation of Adonai, supreme Lord, an incommunicable name of God, and the substitute for Jehovah, a name the Jews would not pronounce.’
    • ‘My colleague, Rabbi David Blumenthal, writes, ‘The way to Adonai is not straight, it has ups and down, twists and turns.’’


From Hebrew 'ăḏōnāy; see also Jehovah.