Definition of admissible in English:



  • 1Acceptable or valid, especially as evidence in a court of law.

    ‘the tape recording was admissible as evidence’
    • ‘That being so, the finding by the trial judge that the accused was guilty of the offence was not supported by admissible evidence.’
    • ‘There is no merit in this claim of deficiency, on the evidence properly admissible before me.’
    • ‘The British government wants to make them admissible evidence in British courts.’
    • ‘I doubt very much that such evidence would be admissible in an Australian court.’
    • ‘Further the opinion evidence now tendered relies upon factual statements which are still not supported by any admissible evidence.’
    • ‘It is likely that the court will accept that this evidence is admissible, since the strict common law rule is generally ignored.’
    • ‘The court was left with no admissible evidence on this point.’
    • ‘Their eye-witness accounts were not admissible in court as evidence.’
    • ‘In all such instances, after due consideration I was satisfied that the evidence was relevant and admissible.’
    • ‘The principal task of the courts will continue to be to ensure that, whatever the range of admissible evidence, coincidence is not confused with proof.’
    • ‘The onus is now on legal council to establish evidence that is admissible in court of noncompliance on the part of the debtors.’
    • ‘For any proposed fresh evidence to be admissible the following four criteria must be satisfied.’
    • ‘They enable the court to control the evidence by excluding evidence otherwise admissible and limiting cross-examination.’
    • ‘This information will be admissible as evidence in the court of law.’
    • ‘The new Criminal Justice Bill would make hear-say evidence more readily admissible in court.’
    • ‘Whether such a statement is admissible as evidence is a matter for the courts to decide.’
    • ‘The rules of the commission provided more room to maneuver and allowed for a broader range of admissible evidence.’
    • ‘His qualifications were called into question, but I accept he had admissible evidence to give.’
    • ‘In China, private detectives are not allowed to testify in court, and tape-recorded evidence is not admissible.’
    • ‘I was pleased that the bill enunciates the principle that all relevant evidence is admissible unless there is a policy reason to exclude it.’
    allowable, allowed, permissible, permitted, acceptable, passable, tolerable, satisfactory, justifiable, defensible, supportable, well founded, tenable, sound, sensible, reasonable
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  • 2Having the right to be admitted to a place.

    ‘foreigners were admissible only as temporary workers’
    • ‘However, the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada limit the number of students admissible without a first degree to 10 percent.’
    • ‘All academic documents show the student admissible except for language proficiency.’
    • ‘The green card is given to foreigners who are admissible.’


Early 17th century: from medieval Latin admissibilis, from Latin admittere (see admit).