Definition of admiringly in English:



  • In a way that shows respect or warm approval.

    ‘she referred to Eliot admiringly in many of her writings’
    • ‘Marco Polo in medieval times admiringly described the moral qualities and rich traditions of the men and women of the steppe.’
    • ‘She spoke admiringly of the restaurant, across the street from where we had stopped to look at the public art.’
    • ‘He has been reviewed admiringly from the first, but his extremely quiet style has kept him from widespread notice.’
    • ‘This mainstream view of an early president admiringly moves the man from history into legend.’
    • ‘The low position of the camera, looking admiringly up at the airmen, reinforces their heroism.’
    • ‘We kept opening the bag to look admiringly at our treasure.’
    • ‘He remarked admiringly that the colonel was the most progressive and most alert man he had ever seen.’
    • ‘The working-class resistance that revisionists admiringly celebrated was nonetheless doomed to romantic failure.’
    • ‘The woman told me admiringly that you were able to hold your breath for up to eight months at a time.’
    • ‘She admiringly sings the serious version with deep conviction.’