Definition of admirably in English:



  • In a way that arouses or deserves respect and approval.

    ‘he behaved himself admirably’
    as submodifier ‘an admirably concise and clear summary’
    • ‘It succeeds admirably in reminding us of the 1940s hard-boiled detective film and what we lost when Bogart departed the scene.’
    • ‘In his fourth feature, he continues to look at life from his own admirably skewed viewpoint.’
    • ‘Best of all, this buffet line is admirably well-tended and replenished all day long.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the rhetoric is kept to a minimum, and overall the film is graceful and admirably compact.’
    • ‘They grow in most climates, take shade, serve admirably as a weed-choking ground cover, and produce quantities of flowers.’
    • ‘At the end, he passes out, still adhering admirably to his code of personal courage.’
    • ‘Admirably long in its perspective, the showcase includes artists in their 20s right up to several in their 80s.’
    • ‘They danced together admirably and exceedingly gracefully.’
    • ‘He eventually was inducted into the army and served admirably, unloading cement ships and doing other odd jobs.’
    • ‘He was admirably restrained, only eating half an apple fritter.’