Definition of administrative assistant in English:

administrative assistant


  • A person employed by an individual or in an office to assist with correspondence, keep records, make appointments, and carry out similar tasks.

    ‘all numerical scores were compiled by an administrative assistant’
    • ‘He, not an administrative assistant, fetches you a cup of coffee.’
    • ‘She had gained a title, administrative assistant - still, there was no raise.’
    • ‘An administrative assistant may ask to be added to the agenda to discuss vacation, time sheets, or supplies.’
    • ‘"He's running late," his administrative assistant informed me.’
    • ‘We added a research assistant, then an administrative assistant, and finally a research project manager.’
    • ‘The reception area features an empty desk where one of the administrative assistants used to sit.’
    • ‘She cut back on consulting hired an administrative assistant, thereby sacrificing revenues but freeing up time for her and her chief engineer and designer.’
    • ‘"The response has been so overwhelming I haven't had the chance to call everybody back just yet," said Franklin, administrative assistant at the organization that's spearheading the project.’
    • ‘The company's administrative assistant was skilled at gleaning low fares from travel Web sites, without the $25 per ticket handling fee.’
    • ‘An administrative assistant shows up to fax something.’