Definition of adjutant general in English:

adjutant general


  • 1A high-ranking administrative officer in an army.

    • ‘Macdonald's telegram to the Adjutant General in Calcutta, sent late in the evening, was the first to give details of how the firing had begun.’
    • ‘Col Gordon Somerville receives the OBE for his service as the officer principal, military secretariat at the headquarters of the Adjutant General at Upavon.’
    • ‘The Army's Adjutant General, Lt Gen Freddie Viggers, inspected the young soldiers from all over Britain and took the salute as they graduated from the college.’
    • ‘A briefing paper from November 1972, written for the Adjutant General of the Army explained how the system worked.’
    • ‘He served as an adjutant general in the first Gulf War.’
    1. 1.1 (in the US army) the chief administrative officer.
      • ‘For reasons now unclear, the bill was withdrawn and action on the proposal ceased on January 3, 1928; however, the Adjutant General of the Army was instructed to file all materials for potential future use.’
      • ‘The Adjutant General replied that by the strictures of the 1918 act of Congress, no award could be made after three years had elapsed since the performance of the deed.’
      • ‘Once again in Washington, Patton wrote a report to the Adjutant General and stressed the advantages of Clery's system over the methods used in the U.S. Army.’
      • ‘State military forces under the control of the Adjutant General may assist neighboring states in responding to natural disasters and homeland security mission where bilateral agreements exist.’
      • ‘In 1926 and again the next year, he wrote plaintive letters to the army's adjutant general wondering how it was that the Private had received a Medal of Honor so long after the fact.’


adjutant general