Definition of adjudge in English:



  • 1with object and complement Consider or declare to be true or the case.

    ‘she was adjudged guilty’
    • ‘Ainslie's tactics were adjudged within the rules.’
    • ‘However, within a minute the French teenager was harshly adjudged to have tripped Adrian Foster.’
    • ‘He absconded before he could be deported and the authorities gave him leave to remain because it was adjudged his life would be in danger if he returned to his home country.’
    • ‘Weatherson did have the ball in the net in the 14th minute but was adjudged offside, and Jimmy Thomson went close with a header.’
    • ‘That deduction came about because Brodie had been harshly adjudged to have been at fault for an accidental head-clash in the opening seconds.’
    • ‘He sidefooted the ball into the empty net, but was adjudged to be marginally offside.’
    • ‘He is adjudged too sick by doctors to move from the hospital, but he hopes to leave for an ‘unspecified’ location to spend his last days with his family.’
    • ‘Beverley were adjudged off-side and Hewitt added the three points to complete his side's tally.’
    • ‘Conceding a line-out, York then saw visiting flanker Rob Tilford burrow over the line only for him to be adjudged to have been held up to prompt a huge sigh of home relief at the final whistle.’
    • ‘Quinn did have the ball in the back of the net at one point, but was adjudged offside.’
    • ‘Even then, Rovers did not ease back and Burns got the ball in the net again only to be adjudged offside.’
    • ‘The player was then adjudged to have brought down Fyssas on the edge of the penalty area but the resulting free-kick from Basinas was blocked by the defensive wall.’
    • ‘But Connolly was adjudged to have been offside after Jim Weir had guided Kane's free kick in the striker's direction.’
    • ‘In such a case, the initiating unit, after the event, will be adjudged guilty of poor management.’
    • ‘The weather was adjudged too cold to risk a full tour of the estate's 1,250 acres for Mudie's benefit, although he was taken on a cursory walk around the most impressive rooms.’
    • ‘Their only success was another quick penalty when Dinnington were finally adjudged offside.’
    • ‘The family has been adjudged to be guilty of a crime by association, with the newspaper columnists acting as judge and jury.’
    • ‘Therapeutically interventive suggestions are offered when the client is adjudged to be in a trance state.’
    • ‘Eight minutes later things went from bad to worse as a Town player was adjudged to have dragged down Neil Tolson as he was about to receive the ball.’
    • ‘The player was adjudged to have been offside and his sustained protests at that decision earned him firstly a yellow and then a red card.’
    justice, magistrate, her honour, his honour, your honour
    judge, deem, adjudicate, find, determine, pronounce, proclaim, rule, hold, consider, conclude, think
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    1. 1.1adjudge something to (in legal use) award something judicially to.
      ‘the court adjudged legal damages to her’
    2. 1.2with object and infinitive (in legal use) condemn (someone) to pay a penalty.
      ‘the defaulter was adjudged to pay the whole amount’
      • ‘A next friend or relator on a bond shall, upon failure in the action, be adjudged to pay the defendant his costs.’
      • ‘The court which declares the recognisance to be forfeited may, instead of adjudging any person to pay the whole sum in which he is bound, adjudge him to pay part only of the sum or remit the sum.’
      • ‘Does that cover a person adjudged liable to pay a pecuniary penalty in a civil action?’


Late Middle English: from Old French ajuger, from Latin adjudicare, from ad- ‘to’ + judicare, from judex, judic- ‘a judge’.