Definition of adequately in English:



  • To a satisfactory or acceptable extent.

    ‘the resources required to prepare adequately will be extensive’
    ‘the job requirements were not adequately explained’
    • ‘The chicken is tender, the tofu adequately deep-fried.’
    • ‘The farther a water source, the more hose necessary to adequately drain at each irrigation.’
    • ‘Enforcement of these existing laws would adequately resolve the problems.’
    • ‘Agency actions must adequately consider environmental justice issues, pursuant to the executive order.’
    • ‘To address that issue adequately, it is necessary to carry the analysis beyond the submissions made in the hearing.’
    • ‘In general, weeds are still being adequately controlled.’
    • ‘Its adaptation across the state has not been adequately assessed.’
    • ‘I think this adequately answered his question in many ways.’
    • ‘The efficacy of such additives may not have been adequately assessed.’
    • ‘Efforts should be made to ensure graduates are adequately prepared for careers upon graduation.’