Definition of addra gazelle in English:

addra gazelle


  • another term for dama gazelle
    • ‘Other names for a dama gazelle are addra gazelle, mhorr gazelle, and red-necked gazelle.’
    • ‘Those are addra gazelles, similar in colour to the Scimitar Horned Oryx.’
    • ‘The reserve was primarily established to protect the Barbary sheep, but there are also small groups of addax, oryx, dorcas gazelle, addra gazelle, leopard, caracal, aardvark, cheetah, and desert rodents.’
    • ‘The animals sharing the enclosure included other addra gazelles, Thomson gazelles, white-bearded wildebeest, and Burchell's zebras.’
    • ‘The addra gazelle spends the dry season in the Sudan, occurring singly, or in small groups.’


Addra probably a local African word.


addra gazelle