Definition of additionally in English:



  • 1As an extra factor or circumstance:

    ‘brokers finance themselves additionally by short-term borrowing’
    • ‘Then the driver needs to pay 65 RMB per month additionally for the service.’
    • ‘Now some additionally important information for many people who are going to the beaches across America.’
    • ‘Prosecutors say he also beat another other man with the baseball bat and have charged him additionally with first-degree assault.’
    • ‘This logo will be displayed in all the member Banks' ATMs additionally so that the customers can easily identify and do the transactions.’
    • ‘And that's one of the things that can help a storm weaken additionally.’
    • ‘Once boys become teens, masculinity is additionally defined by the absolutely crucial task of getting laid.’
    • ‘He has additionally carved a reputation as an accomplished explorer, wildlife photographer, philanthropist and international art collector.’
    • ‘This will work in some customers' favours but others will need to be additionally vigilant to ensure they do not get caught up by higher fees which push them deep into debt.’
    • ‘Whatever brought about the massacre of the dinosaurs additionally lead to the death of almost 70 per cent of all the species on the Earth.’
    • ‘The battle itself was additionally notable because both opposing generals, Wolfe and Montcalm, received mortal wounds.’
    • ‘The former chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds is additionally expected to recommend that the state retirement age is raised to 70.’
    • ‘She is additionally unhappy with the proposed catchment area changes.’
    • ‘The size of the central database can be additionally reduced by a factor of seven or eight by two methods.’
    • ‘Besides direct financial aid, apartment owners will become owners of the land around the buildings and will be able to use it to additionally relieve their costs.’
    • ‘The debate on the redevelopment of Hungate has elicited a suggestion that it would be an ideal site and additionally provide an opportunity for the integration of bus and rail travel.’
    • ‘Furthermore, these devices should be additionally provided with scramblers to protect transmitted information.’
    • ‘Moreover the council additionally benefits from the Respark schemes which push commuters and visitors into the council car parks.’
    • ‘He was constantly repeating that he came from the people, and he liked to give Bulgarians five leva additionally to their salaries on a periodic basis.’
    • ‘He also failed a field sobriety test and was additionally charged with evidence tampering.’
    • ‘Mist irrigation is additionally used for vanilla farming since it requires humidity.’
    also, in addition, as well, too, besides, moreover, further, furthermore, what's more, over and above that, into the bargain, to boot
    withal, forbye
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    1. 1.1[sentence adverb] Used to introduce a new fact or argument:
      ‘additionally, 50 hours of practical experience will be necessary’
      • ‘We will, additionally, have to wait and see if the show throws up the same quality of star potential as the first two series.’
      • ‘But additionally, they are cognisant of the reality that this crisis offers opportunities for starting and sustaining a dialogue.’
      • ‘Prices of food and drinks are very competitive and additionally, most places pass out free drinks and announce happy hours.’
      • ‘Lawrence has been at the resort for over a month and is enjoying his work; additionally he loves associating with his peers.’
      • ‘The idea was rejected because it would have proved too costly and, additionally, after difficulties arose with getting permission to use the land.’
      • ‘In this case it was the extra value given them because Landy owned them or, additionally, because in the case of art works given him by artist friends, they had high financial worth as well.’
      • ‘And additionally some of the facts are being retried.’