Definition of Addisonian anaemia in English:

Addisonian anaemia


  • another term for pernicious anaemia
    • ‘Half of the patients with Addisonian anemia have serum antibodies against the thyroid gland.’
    • ‘The occurrence of true Addisonian anemia in childhood is doubted by some authorities.’
    • ‘He did not publish until 1855, by which time he had separated the two anaemias, one he called ‘pernicious’, later known as Addisonian anaemia.’
    • ‘Pernicious anaemia, also called Addisonian anaemia, is a form of anaemia, affecting mainly older patients.’
    • ‘Addison's name is attached to two diseases, pernicious anaemia (Addisonian anaemia) and adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease).’