Definition of added value in English:

added value


  • another term for value added
    • ‘Foil is a high added-value product if manufactured from in-house raw material.’
    • ‘We will be working with the airline to encourage tourist traffic by building in added-value options for Swedish visitors so that they can book a short-break package that includes flights.’
    • ‘When wearables are destined to be brought right into the mix of anyone's everyday wardrobe, these selling points are the very added-value items people are looking for.’
    • ‘The problem has always been one of finding targets that are affordable and which can be acquired at a price that is sensible from a shareholder added-value point of view.’
    • ‘In an emerging business like organic farming, Petrich saw wisdom in holding on to a bigger segment of the added-value opportunity.’
    • ‘We want added-value projects, enterprises that involve design and development, for instance.’
    • ‘Instinctively they followed the added-value route, developing a new product and also taking it down-stream!’
    • ‘The first step in determining whether the project has merit involves the added-value equation, or balancing the elements of the proposed venture.’
    • ‘At Backer, Muller and her team put a new spin on advertising by being among the first to try added-value programs.’
    • ‘Beware of potential conflicts of interest that can arise in an added-value venture if your cooperative takes on investor-owned firms as partners.’
    • ‘Only added-value product benefits will provide insulation from the vagaries of the ongoing price wars.’
    • ‘It is fashionable to argue that manufacturing is less important in developed economies, but this sector creates real added-value wealth via inputs and spin-off activities.’
    • ‘Clients actually need more added-value services and advice in a downturn than they do in a good market.’
    • ‘The added-value option along the chain is key and increasingly, Irish producers are exploring those.’
    • ‘In this case, investment returns from basic distribution assets will be more risky and uncertain, while the potential return from added-value load management and other services will be greater.’
    • ‘Obviously, this is beneficial to the farmers who did not invest in the added-value project, because they're receiving a higher corn price with no additional investment.’
    • ‘A good enterprise centre will however offer very many added-value services.’
    • ‘The company is also providing added-value services such as exclusive songs and music videos.’
    • ‘Instead, they decided to find a way of using the milk to make an added-value product.’
    • ‘Rolls-Royce does make some great added-value products - just ask an airline about the importance of fuel-efficient engines.’