Definition of add up to in English:

add up to

phrasal verb

  • Amount to.

    ‘this adds up to a total of 400 calories’
    figurative ‘these isolated incidents don't add up to a true picture of the situation’
    • ‘On average, each was off sick for 7.69 days, adding up to 2,330 working days lost.’
    • ‘It was a classic case of the whole adding up to substantially more than the sum of the parts.’
    • ‘Within half-an-hour, I had worked out that 21 was the magic number and if my cards added up to more than that, I would be bust.’
    • ‘Each item has a value of one to five points, the total adding up to 100.’
    • ‘If this project is carried out on a large scale, it will add up to a massive amount of human alteration of the course of nature.’
    • ‘These repeated checks added up to considerable amounts of time and fragmented work, particularly as nurses had to log on to the computer each time.’
    • ‘All this adds up to more and more vehicular movements in the town centre.’
    • ‘The poorest will be exempt from the first £1,200 and get a grant of £1,500 and a bursary of £300 - adding up to £3,000.’
    • ‘Many companies offer generous benefits to your spouse, too which can all add up to a substantial amount of cover.’
    • ‘And it all adds up to 150,000 more local nurses, local teachers or local police officers.’
    • ‘It's one flowing mood from start to finish, with the whole adding up to rather more than the sum of its parts.’
    • ‘The two cups were added to the previous cups that he had drunk and added up to a substantial amount of alcohol in his system.’
    • ‘White-collar workers received two to six weeks' extra vacation, adding up to as much as nine or 10 weeks a year.’
    • ‘Someone has a heart attack every two minutes adding up to 275,000 people each year.’
    • ‘This modest little announcement promises to add up to more than the sum of its parts.’
    • ‘All funds envisaged in this category, adding up to about 10 million euro, had been used, he said.’
    • ‘It adds up to more than 40 extra drinking hours on Saturday nights alone.’
    • ‘Fines adding up to more than £1.2 million are owed to the authorities in York and North Yorkshire, despite one of the best payment rates in the country of 90 per cent.’
    • ‘This would be on top of small measures together adding up to £1bn-2bn rolled out in Wednesday's Budget.’
    • ‘Journeys adding up to 5000 km by a team of four people have led to the publication of a guidebook to bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in Bulgaria.’
    amount to, come to, run to, number, make, total, equal, be equal to, be equivalent to, count as
    amount to, constitute, comprise, equal, be equivalent to, approximate to
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