Definition of adaptogenic in English:



  • See adaptogen

    • ‘Panax ginseng is well known for its anti-stress and adaptogenic properties.’
    • ‘The tonic and adaptogenic activity of Panax ginseng is thought to enhance physical performance, which includes sexual stamina.’
    • ‘Astragalus has demonstrated a wide range of potential therapeutic applications in immunodeficiency syndromes, as an adjunct cancer therapy, and for its adaptogenic effect on the heart and kidneys.’
    • ‘Consistent with benefits found with other adaptogenic substances, Rhodiola rosea appears to offer generalized resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stressors.’
    • ‘According to Russian scientist I.I. Brekhman in 1958, adaptogenic herbs like Siberian Ginseng, work to normalize all bodily systems and functions.’